France Alzheimer Bigorre is a French Blogger and Alzheimer’s specialist. He spent a lot of years understanding the disease and the people suffering from it. He knows the trouble and the hardship each patient have to go through how they are losing every piece of who they are as every day goes by. He devoted himself to know everything he can about the Alzheimer’s disease. He knows that every memory they forget there is a pang of pain that they feel before they lose their memory. They also feel an unexplainable guilt for every frustration showed to them if someone loses their patience.

France Alzheimer Bigorre inspires people to understand what an Alzheimer’s patient have to go through. He wants to educate the public that individuals who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s need our help. They need special care and a billion dozen of understanding. He shares the experience he has with those patients so we can learn from it.

France Alzheimer Bigorre wants the victims of Alzheimer’s to feel that there is someone who can understand them. He wants every patient to realize that there is still hope. Alzheimer’s is a not a disease that can infect others. It is a condition that people need to understand. Walking away from them who are suffering from Alzheimer’s, is just an added burden that they have to endure.

Don’t be the one who walks away. Be the example so others can learn.