3 Indicators That a Person May Be Developing Alzheimer


More often than not, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s are taken for granted. People think it’s nothing serious, but when it gets worse, that’s the only time they pay attention to it. It should not be the case. Although we haven’t found any cure as of this point, the earlier Alzheimer’s has been detected, the more benefits the patient can get from the available treatments so they can hold out their independence a little bit longer. Set up a meeting with your doctor if you notice these three symptoms.

1. Frequent Forgetfulness

The early symptoms of Alzheimer’s are that the person tends to forget things frequently. They can’t remember things like where they put a particular thing, names of places or things and even latest conversations.

2. Repetitive

People who are starting to develop Alzheimer’s begins to repeat the things they’ve just said. It becomes evident most especially with their questions. They will ask the same thing they just asked.

3. Decision Difficulties

Difficulties in making a decision are not an easy symptom to notice. Typically it is mistaken as an effect of stress or over fatigue. People who are experiencing this symptom are having a hard time making decisions most especially when it’s badly needed.

The symptoms I’ve stated can easily be compared to other illness that is less severe, but you have to take note that when it comes Alzheimer’s, these symptoms are frequently happening or almost all the time. With these three indications, it is important that you seek advice immediately to your physician to be sure. Even if after various tests and you found out that you are having an Alzheimer’s, don’t panic. Most especially don’t lose hope. A lot of people are doing everything they can to finally reveal the mystery behind Alzheimer’s and a day will come that we can find that cure.