Where to Find the Test Specialists in the Alzheimer Disease?


It won’t be easy to accept once you’ve learned that there is a huge possibility that you have developed Alzheimer’s. You might get the feeling that everything is falling apart. You will feel scared for what can happen. What can I advise you? Try to keep your composure even if it will take all the effort out of you. Alzheimer’s is not easy to diagnose. There will be a lot of tests and laboratory procedures before someone can be too sure. Here are some of the best hospitals where you can go to have yourself thoroughly tested for Alzheimer’s.

1. Mayo Clinic – Rochester, Minnesota


Mayo Clinic is ranked number one when it comes to Geriatrics and Neurology, while they’re number eight for Psychology specialization nationwide. The hospital has 16 specialists from geriatrics department that can help you with the evaluation and assessment.

Phone #: 507-284-2511

2. UCLA Medical Center – Los Angeles, California


UCLA Medical Center is ranked number two for Geriatrics, eight in Neurology and nine in Psychiatric department nationwide. They have 33 doctors specializing in Geriatrics. Doctors, who have a good track record when it comes to patients that are suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Phone #: 310-825-9111

3. Mount Sinai Hospital – New York, NY


Mount Sinai Hospital is the top three in the country for Geriatrics, and they have 20 specialized doctors to back up their reputation. They are also known in the country as one of the facilities that treat people with Alzheimer’s.

Phone #: 212-241-6500

4. John Hopkins Hospital – Baltimore, Maryland


John Hopkins Hospital is running at the number four spot in the country for the best in Geriatrics with nine doctors specializing on the department. They even have their Memory & Alzheimer’s Treatment Center.

Phone #: 410-955-5000

Their phone numbers are there if you want to make some inquiries. You can also go to Memory Assessment Clinics. There are a lot of options, just don’t bury yourself in depression. It’s going to be a harder battle to fight if you’re fighting against yourself.